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Wednesday League - ATTENTION

Wednesday night league is designed for mates to get together and have a kick around. There has been an increase of players being brought in to assist with numbers and those players in some cases are NOT Wednesday League standard (as in they are too good).
Effective immediately, ALL Wednesday night teams must have an official team list that is your regular line up. The only time substitute players can be added for a game is if your team can only field the 5 players from your regular line up. You may add one substitue to give you one sub. That player must be approved prior to the game by Futsal Arena management (Ross). Any player who is a Monday night player and not a regular Wednesday night player CANNOT be used on Wednesday nights. Also, if you bring in a player and they are too good for Wednesday nights, the game will be a forfeit and the offending team will lose 5-0.
Please understand, Wednesday night is more difficult to monitor than Monday, because you can get anyone to play Monday nights being the top league. For the integrity of the competition on a Wednesday night, these regulations must be put in place.
On that note, HU will be moving up to Monday night league as I have rated them a Monday league standard. Unfortunately, there will be a bye in both nights now as I offered a Wednesday night spot to SWAG but they are unable to play Wednesday nights.
Please check the new schedule before you play again.

Due to the bye in each night and the odd number of games each team will be playing, the ladder will be based on win %, not points. If your team is above another team on the ladder by points but they have a better win %, the team with a better win % will be higher on the standings.

UNIFORM RULES: Every team has had more than enough time to organise matching shirts WITH numbers. As from 2nd March, any player without a matching top with a proper number (not tape) on the jersey will be penalised one goal per infraction. Also, the no shin guard rule will also apply from 2nd March.

Enjoy the remainder of the season and good luck

Posted by Ross Fisher on Wednesday, 2 March, 2016 08:09 pm

Welcome Back

The Summer 2015 season Futsal information will be posted on this website going forward.

Kicking off on Monday 31st August will be Pool A & B combined. When we get to finals, the top two teams will play for the Pool A title and teams 3rd and 4th will play for the Pool B title.

Pool C is played on Wednesday nights and a top 4 finals system will be played out.

Please ensure one team member from each team pays for the game prior to kick off.

Insurance will be $80 per team for the season, which will cover all players that play for your team throughout the season. This fee must be paid before your team plays a game. Allow enough time prior to your game to have payment sorted.

The $75 team bond is to be paid before your rd2 game.

Welcome back to Futsal Arena. Enjoy the season!!!

Posted by Ross Fisher on Saturday, 29 August, 2015 09:11 am

New C League team

Hey guys, there is a new C League team joining the league to eliminate the bye. The game will be played at 9.50pm every Wednesday night. The new team is Raised by Ninjas and they have agreed to play each week at 9.50pm for the remainder of this season. If your team is schedule for the bye, you will be playing at 9.50pm. The new games have been added to the schedule.

Posted by Ross Fisher on Monday, 19 August, 2013 10:22 pm

Winter Season Fixtures

Thanks for your patience while the fixtures have been prepared. There were a couple of late additons for Monday night league.

Please make yourself known to Chris Nobel, who is taking over from Birdy as Futsal Manager.

I would like to thank Birdy for his years of service looking after Futsal on Monday & Wednesday nights. He has done a great job and is now passing the baton onto Chris.

Please make sure you have your team bond and individual registration on the first night of competition.

Have a great season.

Ross Fisher
Puckhandlers Roller Sports Centre
Futsal Arena

Posted by Ross Fisher on Friday, 14 June, 2013 11:38 pm


As from this Summer 2013 season, all stats and ladders will be on this website. Games will be scored live and ladders will be automatically adjusted at the end of each game.

Enjoy the new and improved Futsal Arena scoring system.

Posted by Ross Fisher on Tuesday, 5 February, 2013 11:43 pm

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